FAQ About SML App House


What is SML App House?

SML App House is the leading mobile app development platform choice for businesses, organizations, individuals, resellers and developers. With SML App House click and edit interface and powerful suite of built-in features, you can create powerful apps in minutes — no coding required! In addition, we give you the ability to enhance our “out-of-the-box” features or add completely new custom functionality through our open development portal. We blend the power of click-and-edit mobile app building with the option to dive deep and customize endlessly.

How is SML App House different from other mobile App Building platforms?

SML App House is simpler and easier to use than other platforms. From numerous amount of plugins to choose from, just simply select whichever functions you need and you’re good to go! SML App House also allows you to get into the code to create custom functions. If you’re looking for a specific function that’s not available, don’t sweat it! With SML App House open development architecture you can meet these uniques needs. No other platform combines the simplicity of the click-and-edit experience with the ability to custom develop.

With our development program you can create any custom functionality desired. If you have your own team, register for a developers account and start building today.

SML App House “off-the-shelf” functionality and solutions are very powerful and highly flexible. However, there are times when the intricacies and nuances of your unique situation requires a more customized solution. This is where the power of the SML App House technology really shines. The ability to combine off-the-shelf features with custom functionality enables you to create a custom mobile app in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development. Utilizing our development portal you can create custom proprietary functionality; use your team or have the SML App House team do it for you. In addition, with SML App House, you get a platform that is easy to update and maintain; no need for expensive IT resources. SML App House handles all support, hosting, updates, app store submissions and management of future upgrades.

You certainly can. However, why would you want to? You have to build to two separate apps one fo iOS and one for Android which will mean you will have a bigger barrier to entry, longer development cycles, higher costs and a smaller talent pool. Just like talented web developers stopped developing public facing sites, not because they are incapable but because they are better put to use focusing on core business logic. The same applies with SML App House. We take care of the designs, layouts, logins and standard features of the app. As well as give you access to a limitless set of third party plugins while you can focus on the core business functionality unique to your company.

Another big reason to develop with SML App House is the ongoing support burden associated with developing from scratch. Once you develop an app from scratch, you own the ongoing burden of maintenance, support, app store submissions, updates, etc. Develop on the SML App House platform and we handle all this for you.

No, you only maintain the plugins you develop. A SML App House subscription covers all future maintenance, app store submission, updates and customer support, etc. You focus on developing value added functionality, let SML App House handle the rest.

Nope! SML App House will do it for you in a timeframe and cost that will amaze you. However, if you want to do it yourself, we provide an open development portal with all the tools needed to create totally custom functionality. Hire SML App House, use your own developer or do it yourself — it is up to you.

Who We Are

SML Mobile APP is a MALAYSIA-based team of around 10 product owners, software engineers, designers, and technophiles. Our mission is to create exceptional mobile apps that drive value for your business and customers and meet your mobility goals.

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Quickly generate exceptional ROI via client-based architectures.

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Quickly generate exceptional ROI via client-based architectures.

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Quickly generate exceptional ROI via client-based architectures.

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Quickly generate exceptional ROI via client-based architectures.